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This Giancarlo Stanton grounder is the hardest-hit ball ever recorded by Statcast

The following is a 4-6-3 double play, turned by the Twins during their 10-3 loss to the Marlins on Thursday night:

Just a routine ground ball, the kind hit and fielded by Major Leaguers every single day. Except, well, the man who happened to hit that ground ball was none other than real-life X-Man Giancarlo Stanton. And, as you might expect from a guy whose dingers can clear tall buildings in a single bound, even his outs are extraordinary. Because, you see, the above grounder wasn't just any grounder -- it was the hardest-hit ball that Statcast has ever recorded, with an exit velocity of 123.9 mph.
The previous record-holder? Why, Giancarlo Stanton, of course: His single on May 12 of last season was tracked at 120.3 mph. Here's that one, for reference:

Really, we're just lucky his bat hasn't managed to actually dig a hole to China yet.