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Aaron Hicks nailed a runner at home with the fastest throw Statcast has ever seen

We've seen some pretty awesome throws from the outfield over the past couple of years -- throws that redefined our understanding of space and time; throws that made us involuntarily jump for joy; throws that seemingly required no effort whatsoever
But none of them were as impressive as Aaron Hicks' throw to get Danny Valencia at home during the A's-Yankee game on Wednesday night. How can we say that so confidently? Because it was literally the fastest throw Statcast has ever seen:

Yes, you read that correctly -- Statcast has never recorded a throw as fast as the 105.5-mph laser beam Hicks unleashed. The previous record had been 103.9 mph set by Hicks' new teammate Aroldis Chapman, a man who throws so hard he had an entire category named after him. Statcast also calculated that the throw traveled 246.6 feet, and still managed to beat the runner by a full step. Judging by Valencia's reaction, he couldn't believe it either.