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This Giancarlo Stanton homer may have brought the home run beast back to life

Even when Giancarlo Stanton is struggling, his power cannot be contained: He's still hit 11 home runs. But the man with so much power that the moon cowers in fear every time he's up to bat has hit only .213 this season, and he doesn't look the part of the most powerful bipedal at the plate.
Entering Tuesday's matinee against the Rays, Stanton was in the deepest depths of his slump. The right fielder had just two hits in his last 24 at-bats, striking out 17 times. He hadn't homered since May 15. The last one before that? May 6. What kind of alien being had wriggled into Stanton's body and transformed our slugging star? And would there be any way to get him back? 
The Rays may have inadvertently awoken the home run beast within. In the bottom of the fourth inning, Stanton hit a high popup to shallow right field. But perhaps the lights, bad communication or even a strange gust of air on Weather Day conspired to make the catch too difficult for Steve Pearce and Steven Souza.

Two innings later, Stanton came to the plate. What would happen now? Well ...

It might not be the 8,000-foot blasts we're used to, but maybe, just maybe, this is where Stanton turns his season around. As Stanton told's Joe Frisaro after the game, "I haven't panicked. I've been angry but who wouldn't. I think I'll be all right. "
Unfortunately for the Marlins, the homer wasn't enough, and they'd go on to lose, 4-3.