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Giancarlo Stanton hit a homer off the scoreboard and Dontrelle Willis lost his mind

As surely as the rest of us draw breath and Orbit eats hot dogs, Giancarlo Stanton hits mind-bending home runs. He hits lasers. He hits moonshots. He hits them in a box. He hits them with a fox.
So, upon hearing that Giancarlo Stanton demolished a Jacob deGrom curveball during Miami's game against the Mets on Saturday, you could be forgiven for taking it for granted. Oh, he threatened the structural integrity of the Marlins' scoreboard and launched a ball 441 feet, according to Statcast™? So it's a regular weekend, then.

Luckily, though, former Marlins star Dontrelle Willis was in the broadcast booth to provide us with a very important lesson: Sure, he might clear a different structure every week, but Giancarlo Stanton is awesome, and his dingers turn us all into kids on Christmas morning. 

"I almost swore," Willis told's Joe Frisaro. "I was like, 'Oh my,' because of the sound. The sound off the bat, and I said something. Giancarlo is kind of like a jump shooter, but once that ball falls [in], like a base hit, you can tell his confidence starts coming back."
May we all live one day with the confidence of Giancarlo Stanton.