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Giancarlo Stanton is just the fourth player to hit 11 HRs in the first 15 days of a calendar month

This is going to sound repetitive, but Giancarlo Stanton hit ANOTHER home run during Tuesday's Giants-Marlins game. Please observe below:

He also hit one yesterday, and the game before that, and the game before that pause for breath and the game before that and, um, the game before that. That's six in a row -- two off the record eight-game consecutive homer streak held by Ken Griffey Jr., Dale Long and Stanton's curent manager Don Mattingly.
The dinger machine formerly known as Mike is also the fourth player to ever hit 11 long balls in the first 15 days of a calendar month; joining Troy Tulowitzki, Sammy Sosa and Ralph Kiner in the honor. Tulo went on to hit four more in September 2010 -- compiling 27 total on the year. Sosa's barrage came during June of his famous '98 campaign -- the slugger hit nine more that month and 66 total. Kiner's onslaught also occurred in September and he went on to hit five more en route to his league-leading 54.
Stanton's 15-day stretch has been a sight to see: 

Where will Stanton end up? You'll just have to keep watching.