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GiancarlOMG: Stanton marched into Coors Field and hit a record-setting 504-foot laser

Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton hits eye-popping, tape-measure home runs on a regular basis
Batters tend to hit a ton of home runs at Coors Field, home of the Rockies.
On Saturday night, Miami faced the Rockies at Coors and ... you probably know what's coming next.
But you don't, actually, because Stanton out-Stantoned himself distance-wise this time after crushing a 3-2 pitch deep into the left-center bleachers with an effortless, easy swing. It was glorious, majestic, and undeniably Stantonesque: 

As you might expect, it was the longest blast of the Statcast™ era

Said Stanton to's Ben Weinrib after Miami's 12-6 loss to the Rockies:
"I wasn't happy with my 3-0 swing. It was a good swing but not type of attack you should have with that. I said if he throws me that again, do what I should have on the 3-0. So he did."
On the hitting atmosphere at Coors Field: 
"No lead is safe. You're very comfortable at the plate knowing that there's a lot of room for the ball to travel, a lot of room for error, a lot of room for it to land and go. It's always good to hit."
Marlins manager Don Mattingly, meanwhile, offered up this take when asked what it's like seeing Stanton do his thing: 
"Yeah. I think we like seeing it fly like that, especially if it's our guys hitting it. It's fun to watch."
Per Statcast™, it was the longest home run hit in Coors Field history, bypassing Mike Piazza's 496-foot shot launched back in 1997. 

It was obviously the longest homer of Stanton's career to date, as he definitely doesn't get cheated out there.