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Giancarlo Stanton won the T-Mobile Home Run Derby in a performance for the ages

Giancarlo Stanton doesn't just hit home runs. He challenges our understanding of what a human being can do to a baseball -- towering fly balls, scorching line drives, balls onto the concourse, balls out of the stadium entirely ... and all that's against professional pitchers dedicated to trying to get him out. Which begs the question: What could Stanton do with a bat if his sole mission was to launch dingers?
During the T-Mobile Home Run Derby on Monday night, we got our answer, and it was as mind-bending as you'd expect: 61 (!) total homers, 24 in the first round, and one victorious Gatorade bath at the end of the night.

It was his world, and the rest of baseball's best sluggers were just living in it:

Seriously, he was rearranging the topography of the West Coast:

But the numbers don't do Stanton's dinger display justice -- these things need to be seen to believed. For instance, we could tell you Stanton hit a ball 497 feet (!) in the first round, or we could show you just what 497 feet looks like:

And we could inform you that he nearly put a hole in the scoreboard, but it wouldn't truly sink in that the scoreboard is two full decks and a concourse away from home plate:

Oh, and because no structure can exist without being fodder for a Giancarlo Stanton home run, he also nearly put a ball onto the sign on top of the batter's eye: 

It was a pretty exhausting display ... or, it would have been, if Stanton weren't some human-emoji cyborg hybrid: