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You have one thing in common with Giancarlo Stanton: Even he struggles opening a pickle jar

(Lynne Sladky)

It takes a special kind of strength and ability to be a professional athlete. It's not something everybody can do. Neither is hitting homers that travel 504 feet deep into the night, but Giancarlo Stanton can do that -- and make it look easy. 
Watching elite athletes practice their craft and show off their tremendous gifts to the world, it can be easy to think to yourself, "Man, it's just unfair. What can't they do?" 
Well, mortal layperson reading these words on your screen right now, they, too, struggle opening pickle jars. Here's the Yankees' new slugger mounting his own battle against a lid that just wouldn't come off in a shot from a promotional video the team was filming on Monday:

We're all the same, really.