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The Giants' 2017 roster will feature Buster Posey and these puppies

With Spring Training only a few days away, it's reasonable to assume that the 2017 Giants will look more or less like they did last season. Aside from Mark Melancon in the closer's role and Eduardo Nunez at third base, there aren't a lot of new faces in San Francisco, and your favorite Giants are right where we last saw them: Madison Bumgarner on the mound, Brandon Crawford at shortstop, Hunter Pence in right field, etc.

But it turns out that this season, the Giants will actually field a team consisting of Buster Posey and eight puppies:

That's a behind-the-scenes look at Wednesday's team commercial shoot and, well, the photo speaks for itself. Count 'em: Eight pups, plus Posey. That's a full nine-man roster, and arguably the cutest in the league (apologies to Kris Bryant's cheekbones). 

Although, as cute as these puppies are, they probably don't have the power to homer into McCovey Cove -- better bring everybody else back: