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No one has ever been more excited than these two Giants fans after a Brandon Crawford triple

Monday's Giants-Marlins game was not for the faint of heart: five lead changes, 14 innings, 31 hits and over five and a half hours of baseball eventually resulted in a 8-7 San Francisco win. There were the highest of highs, there were the lowest of lows ... and that was just Buster Posey's night.
You could forgive any fans in attendance for tapping out -- maybe they had work early tomorrow morning, or maybe they were just emotionally exhausted as the clock flew past midnight. Two particular Giants fans, however, are not ordinary fans. They are iron men, gladiators who will cheer their team on no matter what. They stayed through all the twists and turns, and when Brandon Crawford -- as part of his seven-hit night (!) -- lined a triple down the line in the top of the 13th, they were ready for their close-up:

Petition to put these men in the ring with the fan who caught Willson Contreras' home run ball for a celebratory fist pump title fight.