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A tip of the cap to these Giants fans who set sail in McCovey Cove in an enormous inflatable swan

Some events spark questions that don't have any answers.

Why, for example, did a group of Giants fans spend a few innings of Wednesday's 4-1 loss to the Cubs preparing to set sail in McCovey Cove in a gigantic -- and I mean seriously huge -- inflatable swan?

Why a swan? Why is this swan wearing a crown? Is this swan royalty? If it's royalty, does that mean there's an enormous inflatable queen swan somewhere? Back to the original question, what provoked these dudes into this stunt in the first place?

Did they want attention? Maybe they assumed they'd get spotted and end up on TV and the internet, new viral stars who put themselves on the map with an amusing ballpark-adjacent stunt.

Nah, that'd never work. Nice try getting noticed, guys!