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Bill Murray wanted everyone at the NLDS to have as much fun as he was

Not everyone is lucky enough to see their favorite team make it to the postseason. Not everyone is lucky enough to be Bill Murray. But some people -- OK, one specific person -- was both of those things during NLDS Game 2 in Chicago.
Yes, everyone's favorite Cubs fan was back at Wrigley for the Cubs' 5-2 victory on Saturday night, cheering for his team (alas, sans pun-tastic shirt from Game 1). And Bill's a generous guy, so he wanted his entire section to enjoy the experience as much as he was. Look, he just wants you to get as into "Shout" as he is: 

And really, why wouldn't you? After all, when your team is leading the Division Series by two games, and you're sitting in the same section as Bill Murray, it should make you wanna shout. What do you think, guy in the black and blue cap? 

Dude, come on, you're like three people away from an actual Ghostbuster! 

Maybe just do the "a little bit softer now" part? 

Oh, fine. 
Make sure to tune into Monday's NLDS Game 3 at 9:30 p.m. on FOX Sports 1 to see if Bill makes the trip to San Francisco. Maybe he'll bring his new section buddies and that guy will finally crack a smile.