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Brett Lawrie goes behind the back for the out at second, may have invented new dance move

Baseball has given the world many things, from English colloquialisms (even if you've never seen a baseball game, you know what "three strikes, you're out" means) to civilization's greatest casual headwear. Now, after the White Sox's 4-3 win over the Rangers on Saturday, it's given us something else. 
What, you may wonder, is this wonderful new thing? First, watch Brett Lawrie dive for a ground ball hit up the middle, and then make a behind-the-back flip for the out:

Pretty great, right? Well, if you watch it from another angle, you'll see baseball's newest bequest to mankind:

More importantly, though, that's clearly a baseball player's variation of the Worm that will make you super popular if you try to bust it out at proms or weddings. Trust us. Try it. Everyone will love you as much as the White Sox love Lawrie: 
"[Lawrie] has a little bit of energy," Ventura said [after Lawrie's double on Friday]. "If there's one guy that's going to bring it, he definitely has that part of him."

"Yeah, you see him around here," White Sox shortstop Tyler Saladino said. "That's just how he is. He wakes up with energy. He's ready to go every single day."