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Oilers center Connor McDavid befriends Marcus Stroman, throws Blue Jays first pitch

They say it's harder to make friends once you're out of school and you're an adult with a job. Of course, it depends on the job. For example, if you're Edmonton Oilers center Connor McDavid, it's apparently pretty easy to just get in touch with Marcus Stroman and immediately become pals. At least, that's what he told SportsNet's Hazel Mae during the Blue Jays' 4-3 win over the Orioles. (To be fair, Stro seems pretty friendly.)
The hockey player also shared his thoughts on the passing of Gordie Howe and discussed the upcoming World Cup of Hockey. 

But that's not all he did in Toronto. Apparently being friends with Stro means you get to throw first pitches, too:

Not a bad perk, we'd say.