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Alcides Escobar saves Omar Infante from being pranked by the sun

Quick, who's the biggest prankster in the world? What, no, not Ashton Kutcher, that's a really dated reference for you to make. No, by both literal scale and number of pranks, it's the sun. The sun loves to trick MLB players into thinking a routine popup is in one place, only to watch it land somewhere else. Seriously, this is the sun's favorite joke: 

During the seventh inning of Saturday's White Sox-Royals game, Omar Infante almost became the sun's latest victim. Luckily, Alcides Escobar was there to rescue him:

Take that, sun! Who's punk'd now! (Yeah, OK, it's still a dated joke even when we make it.)
But that wasn't Escobar's only miraculous moment of the game. KC was down 7-1 in the bottom of the ninth … and then Escobar walked. Conveniently, the bases were loaded, and that walk kicked off an incredible seven-run rally that led to an 8-7 Royals victory.