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Rajai Davis sacrificed not one, but two fly balls to the overwhelming power of the sun

Thanks to the sun, we have plants, warm weather and the cosmic sweet spot that allowed intelligent life to develop on what would otherwise be a cold little rock floating through space.
In fact, you could say that the existence of the sun is more or less responsible for the existence of baseball. That's why we shouldn't be surprised when it sometimes requires sacrifices, like the fly ball Rajai Davis lost track of in the second inning of Sunday's Mets-Indians game. Or the second fly ball he couldn't see, just two batters later:

We're sorry it had to be you, Rajai, but look at it this way -- the sun didn't take away two catches from you, it gave Curtis Granderson a triple! And Yoenis Cespedes a double that scored a runner!
... OK, we see why that might not make you feel better.