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This little girl has the most badass way of pulling out her loose tooth

I don't know about you, but pulling out a loose tooth was always an aggravating thing for me as a kid. You knew it was loose, you knew the tooth fairy would be coming, but you also knew pulling it out -- even off that final little string -- would hurt. My mom and dad, tired of me talking about it, were like "just do it quick and get it over with" and I was like "no it will come out when it feels like coming out. STOP YELLING AT ME."

This little girl, though -- she doesn't care about her feelings, her tooth's feelings, her parents' feelings. She tied her loose tooth to a baseball, set it up on a tee and just blasted it out of her mouth.

Look at that -- no hesitation at all. Just eyeing the camera at the beginning, impatiently waiting for it to get set up so she can start swinging. She's so happy. I would be crying.

Let's hope the tooth fairy brought her whatever amount of money she wanted. I wouldn't want to make Ryann angry.