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Gleyber Torres blasted his first MLB homer and was totally ready for the dugout silent treatment

One of the biggest moments in any ballplayer's life is when he hits his first homer. No matter his particular background or personal story or the journey he may have gone through to get a chance, the emotions of that moment are among the best. 

Anticipation, excitement, pride, all of those come into play. So, too, does the tried-and-true dugout silent treatment, when he returns to the dugout and receives nothing but cold, indifferent shoulders from his teammates (all in fun, of course). 

In Friday's game with the Indians at Yankee Stadium, New York rookie Gleyber Torres stepped up against Josh Tomlin and hit his first career home run into the left-field bleachers. When it came time for his dugout reception, he was totally prepared ... and had some fun with it before his teammates enveloped him in revelry: 


Torres can now tick this one off his rookie To-Do list ... or can he? Even veterans sometimes have to deal with this, as Jose Altuve found out the hard way after hitting his first homer of the season last week


No matter the context, that's always a fun scene.