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Paul Goldschmidt smashed three home runs -- one after each rain delay

Entering Thursday's game against the Cubs, Paul Goldschmidt had only hit one home run at Wrigley Field. On a day that saw the game be delayed three times, Goldschmidt matched that number with dingers that tested the very boundaries of the park. 
After the game was delayed by rain, Goldschmidt faced recent Cubs acquisition José Quintana in the first inning. The D-backs slugger then bashed the left-hander's offering deep to center field. The ball apparently bounced off the scoreboard. Well, either that or it just died in mid-air ... or bounced off the edge of the stratosphere. Both of which shouldn't be possible.

Perhaps Goldschmidt did reach the heavens, for more rain would come, causing another delay in the second inning. After the teams returned to the field, Goldschmidt one-upped himself and sent the ball straight out of the park and onto the street below in the fifth: 

Now that's how you prevent a Cubs fan from throwing a ball back onto the field. 
But he wasn't quite done. After the teams returned from the third rain delay of the game, Goldschmidt bashed his third dinger of the day to give the D-backs a 9-8 lead.

Is Goldschmidt powered by rain? Does he cause it? Is he made of water particles? We're not entirely sure. All we know is, whatever Goldy is made of, it's strong. 
Will he be able to do it again tomorrow? Well ... that might be a little difficult (especially since the Nationals are playing the Cubs on Friday):