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Greg Bird sent one to the birds with the second-highest home run by a Yankee this season

We're not saying that Yankees first baseman Greg Bird is actually a friend to birds everywhere, we're just saying that the evidence is mounting.

Exhibit A: During his rookie season in 2015, a pigeon landed on the infield at Citi Field and began walking right toward him.


Exhibit B: During ALDS Game 2 between the Yankees and Indians on Friday, Bird made sure that his avian friends got a closer look at the action with a home run into the clouds.

Just how high was the moonshot? According to Statcast, it peaked at 137 feet, with a launch angle of 42 degrees -- the second-highest home run by a Yankee this season, behind teammate Ji-Man Choi's 46-degree blast. And, amazingly, the ball never hooked foul despite a hangtime of over six seconds. We can only hope the ball didn't commit any Bird-on-bird crime while it was up there.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for the Yanks, as they fell to the Indians, 9-8, in 13 innings. Can the Bombers come back to make the series, 2-1, in the Bronx? Find out on Sunday in Game 3 of the ALDS presented by Doosan at 7:30 p.m. ET on FS1.