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Watch a gold-medal gymnast throw out an amazingly acrobatic first pitch

(Clair, Michael)

First pitches are always fun -- a sighting of a celebrity, former player or adorable youngster coming out to hurl the ball equals entertainment -- but rarely are they a spectacle. Before Sunday's CPBL (the Taiwanese professional league) between the Chinatrust Brothers and the Lamigo Monkeys, gold medal-winning gymnast Chian-Mei Yang made sure to up the stakes. 
After three minutes of some seriously gymnastic hula hooping and ribboning (not the technical terms), she got ready to make the toss. Using a motion more complicated than Ross Ohlendorf's and with more back-breaking motions than Tim Lincecum' s, she fired in a strike. 

Of course, that's not the only highlight in the video. There is also the appearance of the Monkeys' mascot, Victor, a dour-faced space gorilla. Really. 

(Thanks to Brandon DuBreuil of for translation help, h/t Reddit