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Hailey Dawson, who will throw out a World Series first pitch, met Jim Abbott

Photo: @haileys_hand

7-year-old Hailey Dawson is a girl on a mission: She wants to throw out a first pitch at every Major League stadium. That journey will take her to the World Series, where she will throw out the first pitch prior to Game 4 (Oct. 28 on FOX). Hailey was born without three fingers on her throwing hand, so she throws thanks to a 3D-printed hand.

On Friday, Hailey got to meet former Major League pitcher Jim Abbott, who pitched over 1000 innings in the show despite being born without a right hand.

While Hailey was thrilled to meet Abbott, the former pitcher also was inspired by the meeting:

While Hailey Dawson continues to realize her dreams and meet her heroes, we'll --- along with Abbott -- marvel at her ferocity.