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Billy Hamilton gave a young fan his batting gloves after hitting his first home run of the season

The Reds fell to the Cardinals, 3-2, after Homer Bailey completed seven innings on the bump -- something that hadn't happened yet this season heading into Sunday's game. Still -- despite the loss, Billy Hamilton smacked in his first homer of the season, but it was what happened after his trip around the bases that made it extra special for a fan.
In the bottom of the eighth, the Reds outfielder ripped a solo shot over the left-field wall to put a run on the board:

Following the home run, Hamilton spotted a young fan in the crowd and tossed him his batting gloves:

"I was on deck and there was a guy [yelling] 'hit the ball on the ground and run,'" Hamilton told's Mark Sheldon. "The little kid was like 'no, hit a home run. It's easier.' I actually hit a home run and I was just pointing to him. I thought it was pretty cool."
That's what it's all about.