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Hannah and Derek Jeter announced the birth of their daughter: Bella Raine

In February, Hannah and Derek Jeter announced that they were expecting a baby girl. On Friday, we learned that a little Jeter has been born, and her name is Bella Raine.

The Yankees didn't waste any time welcoming Bella Raine to their extended family.

At the time of the couple's February announcement, Hannah noted that "[Derek] already has a name in mind - he's set on it. (We'll see.)" The name was not announced until Bella Raine's birth, perhaps as Hannah addressed the "we'll see" aspect of her statement.
Coincidentally, Thursday was also Jorge Posada's birthday, and Jeter was the best man at his wedding. It's been a big week for the Yankees' Core Four.
His daughter will certainly have an excellent pair of role models.