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Feast your eyes on the first-ever Mr. Rodgers bobblehead, courtesy of the Hartford Yard Goats

The Hartford Yard Goats have never been afraid to think outside the box. In addition to calling themselves the Yard Goats, Colorado's Double-A affiliate has tried everything from unveiling hauntingly neon mascots to crafting the world's catchiest jingle to putting fried chicken on a donut.

Hartford also happens to have shortstop Brendan Rodgers -- the Rockies' top prospect and the No. 9 overall, per MLB Pipeline -- on its roster. Perhaps you can see where we're going with this.

Yes, that is Mr. (Brendan) Rodgers, taking a seat in his dapper cardigan and putting on his shoes (or, in this case, cleats). I'm not sure why it took us this long to put everyone's favorite grownup on a bobblehead, but any excuse to watch this a few more times is a good one.

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