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Here's how MLB celebrated Mother's Day 2016

Ah, the second Sunday in May. It can only mean one thing: Mother's Day is here again. Wait, you did remember Mother's Day, didn't you? If not, quick, go order some flowers right this minute. We promise we won't tell.
Better? Good. With that crisis averted, it's time to check out how MLB celebrated. It's the only holiday that's Buck Showalter approved, after all:

Baseball honored mom in all kinds of ways. There's awesome new gear, like Justin Verlander's floral cleats:

Or Todd Frazier's floral sleeve:

The D-backs' orange slices:

Dusty Baker's armbands:

Jason Kipnis' socks, which can only be described as "incredibly pink":

The ballparks themselves even got makeovers, from the mound at Marlins Park ...

... to the lineup card at Citizens Bank Park ...

... or Great American Ball Park ...

... to the whole Blue Jays infield:

And, of course, no Mother's Day would be complete without some adorable photos. 

Even the announcers were in on things:

And the mascots, too:

Andrew Cashner's mom even got to hang out in the dugout:

So, we hope you remembered to call/hug your mom, and say thanks. The Reds and Brewers even promised to wait.