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Photo of the Day: The aftermath of Josh Donaldson's three-homer day/hat trick

As we've learned earlier this season, when a Toronto Blue Jays player hits three home runs in one game (even if it happens in Baltimore), Blue Jays fans will honor the moment hockey-style and toss their hats onto the field. 

So, when Josh Donaldsonhit three in the team's 9-6 win over the Twins on Sunday, the Bringer of Rain became the Bringer of Caps. And because the game was actually in Rogers Centre this time, there were many, many more.

But where, you might wonder, do all of those caps end up? Where is your hat? Where is your friend's hat? Josh Donaldson has taken them ALL:

Hopefully he wears them all at once like that guy in Caps for Sale.
UPDATE: Donaldson has spoken to's Alykhan Ravjiani regarding the hats.
"I don't know. We'll decide something, I'm sure. But that's a good question."