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Keon Broxton had no idea where this fly ball went, but luckily his teammate did

Generally speaking, when an outfielder loses track of a fly ball, things don't end well. It could end up on the ground, it could even end up over the wall -- but it almost never ends up in someone's glove.
So, when center fielder Keon Broxton assumed the patented "oh-no-where-did-this-ball-go" shrug during Milwaukee's 6-4 win over the Cardinals on Thursday, you couldn't blame Brewers fans for fearing the worst. But then, at the last moment, a funny thing happened: Hernán Pérez showed up. 

Afterwards, Perez's manager had nothing but praise for his heads-up play. "[Just] his awareness of the game and always being on his toes," Craig Counsell told's Nate Latsch. "He never gave up on the ball. Maybe he set a Statcast record for farthest distance traveled. He might be close there."
Don't feel bad, Keon. The camera didn't know where that ball was either.