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Watch Hernan Perez's son mimic the Brewers' batting stances with stunning accuracy

(Clair, Michael)

Hernán Pérez's son Christopher is a baseball savant (No, not the website). At four years old, he already showed off the finest taste and ability in bat flips. Now during Spring Training, he's shown a keen eye at impersonating the Brewers hitters. 
Check him out in action: 

Having trouble remembering some of those stances? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here's Perez impersonating Ryan Braun (he even captured the "asking for time" action): 

Orlando Arcia: 

Keon Broxton:

Naturally, he's got his dad down:

Jonathan Villar:

Jesus Aguilar: 

Domingo Santana:

Now that he's got the swings and stances down, all he needs is a few years of Little League seasoning and he'll be ready for the big league club.