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High school outfielder Lance Cameron tumbled over a wall, but made an outstanding catch

Not many plays take a tougher toll on the body than over-the-fence falls. Fortunately, some of the pain will easily subside if you come up with the catch.
Standish-Sterling High School right fielder Lance Cameron must have had that in mind as he charged toward the wall in foul territory during a game on Thursday at Dow Diamond in Midland, Michigan (also home of the Dodgers' Low-A team, the Great Lakes Loons). With a runner on, the Pinconning High School batter lifted a high fly toward Cameron, but it was drifting foul and over the wall. That might have stopped some outfielders.
Not Cameron, though.

Cameron fell, face-first, into the ground as he caught the ball. It took him a moment to get back up, but he held onto it for the out. He even doffed his cap toward his Panthers teammates afterward.
Kyle Schwarber and Derek Jeter would be proud.