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Houston rapper Paul Wall is offering free grillz to the Astros, and Lance McCullers Jr. wants one

Even though they've been one of the best teams all season and it's basically their destiny to win the 2017 World Series, some Astros fans are probably nervous. I mean, there's Clayton Kershaw, Cody Bellinger and a team that was on a historic win pace this season. Corey Seageris potentally coming back. Yasiel Puig is playing out of his mind.
But, fear not, Astros fans. For on Sunday, we learned that if they so choose, players will have the backing of a Houston legend. A man, who, when he opens up his mouth, illuminates the dark. 
Paul. Wall.

Wall, a Houston-born rapper who you may remember most notably from Kanye West's "Drive Slow," has been absolutely ecstatic about his hometown team making the Fall Classic -

He's also well-known for his diamond grillz -- referring to them as a disco ball in his mouth (It insinuates he's ballin'.) And on Sunday, Wall announced he'd like to pass on the power of his grillz to the Astros.

 Lance McCullers, American League Championship Series Game 7 hero, wants in.

Just imagine: Players, fans, announcers, Orbit, all of Houston wearing grillz. The intimidation, the shinyness. This needs to happen.
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