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Hunter Pence and Derek Holland became the WWE-style 'Ballot Brothers' to advocate for Brandon Belt

Ever wanted to be yelled at by baseball players? You're in luck. With the Camping World MLB Final Vote going on right now to determine who will get those coveted final All-Star Game roster spots, Derek Holland and Hunter Pence brought out the the wrestling belts (and in Holland's case, lost the shirt) to tell you why you should vote for Brandon Belt. 

While the duo made the case for Belt because he's the "cream of the crop" and "the best looking guy out there," they did not mention his other fine attributes, like, say, a .393 on-base percentage (11th-best in the Majors), or his team-leading 13 dingers. 

Of course, the Ballot Brothers are facing some stiff competition around the National League. The Brewers are going downright biblical as they believe in Jesús (Aguilar): 

While the Nationals roster rallies around Trea Turner: 

The Dodgers called upon their celebrity firepower in support of the out-of-nowhere Max Muncy:

And the Cardinals are relying on the most powerful tool at their disposal: Stone cold, red-hot stats: