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Hunter Pence made an awkward, stumbling catch thanks to a truly Pence-ian effort

There is only one Hunter Pence. Nobody else does what he does on the field the way he does it. From his herky-jerky throwing motion to his never-calm stance at the dish, he's in a class all his own.

And that hair! That glorious, wondrous hair
Despite a tough, injury-plagued 2016 that has seen him appear in just 64 games heading into the Giants' 8-5 loss to the Pirates on Monday at AT&T Park, Pence still puts forth every possible ounce of effort on the field. 
In the fourth inning, a popup off the bat of Josh Harrison led Pence over toward the bullpen mound along the right-field line. When his feet became tangled, Pence went down in a stumble -- but he didn't let that ruin the play. No, he basically fell down, regained his composure, squared up his glove and made the play as only he could: 

If you think about it, this is really the most Hunter Pence defensive play possible. Who else could you imagine pulling off something like that? Seems impossible, requires some sort of leap or fall, and somehow works out just fine in the end. 
"I've seen him do some acrobatic catches," Giants manager Bruce Bochy told's Chris Haft. "That's who he is. He kept his poise and made a nice catch there."
Never change, Hunter.