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After an emotional ending to his career with the Giants, Hunter Pence exited by riding his scooter

The crowd at AT&T Park cheered for Hunter Pence and the team put together a touching tribute as the former All-Star played potentially his last game as a member of the Giants on Sunday.
Following the Dodgers' 15-0 win, Pence said goodbye to fans the only way he knows how -- by riding the scooter that was gifted to him by the organization:

It was nice to see him riding a scooter. After all, there was a moment where he lost his beloved outside of a restaurant in San Francisco. But don't worry, the SF Police Department assisted in the investigation and he was reunited with the vehicle. And he was ever so thankful.
Sunday's game was highlighted with other Pence-ian moments; the veteran outfielder took the field on his own prior to the game as Giants fans gave him a standing ovation. He also gave a heartwarming speech thanking the city of San Francisco before riding off into the sunset and, well just watch:

Great stuff, Pence.