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Get lost in the forest of Hunter Pence's postseason hair

Ah, it's October of an even year, which means it's time for all your favorite autumn sights -- leaves changing color, decorative gourds and of course, Hunter Pence's hair.
During a Tuesday press conference ahead of Wednesday's Giants-Mets Wild Card Game, Pence and Buster Posey sat down to answer a few questions. Most of them were about the upcoming matchup in New York, but the truly important ones were about Pence's new 'do:
Hunter, I haven't seen you in a while. Is that a new look for you? A playoff look? Part of the incognito of the streets of New York?
HUNTER PENCE: Yeah, I just created this look instantaneously. It just showed up.

Is it for the playoffs?
HUNTER PENCE: No, it was done because teammates were like, hey, Strickland told me he wasn't going to cut his hair. And I said, okay, I'll do that with you. It's not because I wanted to look like this, but because it's fun to do things crazy with your teammates. Not too many jobs you get the opportunity to look like a bum and have fun doing it.

Buster, you're not going to emulate that, then?
BUSTER POSEY: No, I can't pull that one off.
Now, we've got a question for you. Does his hair remind you of anything?

Yup, that's it
Did we learn anything else from the presser? Yes, if you count Pence teaching the world how to drink water like a normal person, and definitely not like an alien whose only understanding of human behavior comes from repeated viewings of the "The Shining." 

Totally normal! Right?