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Ian Desmond made a fantastic sliding catch and then, um, had some trouble catching another one

Ian Desmond, former Nationals shortstop who has transitioned quite smoothly to Rangers center fielder, proved his value again during the third inning of Monday's Rangers-Yankees game. Brett Gardner slapped a would-be-base hit in his direction and Desmond said, THERE WILL BE NO GARDENING ON MY OUTFIELD GRASS.

While that was great, on this Carlos Beltran fly ball -- the very next batter -- Desmond experienced the polar opposite of what is a spectacular catch.

Beltran settled for a single and would score later in the inning.
Fortunately, Desmond also hit a home run earlier in the game so his posiitives outweighed his negatives and he's at +1 and yes that's a real statistic. Texas also ended up winning the game (aftera three-hour and 35-minute rain delay), 9-6.