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Ian Desmond makes basket catch in deep center field, fires to first for double play

Ian Desmond, a shortstop for his first seven MLB seasons, has helped turn many double plays. Here's one and here's another
But now that he's an outfielder with the Rangers, executing a double play isn't so easy. It's not as routine. At least, that's what we thought. Desmond proved us wrong during Wednesday's Cubs-Rangers game, making a beautiful basket catch on a fly ball to deep center field and firing into first to double up a very unsuspecting Jorge Soler.  


Making the 8-3 look as conventional as the 6-4-3.'s T.R. Sullivan spoke to the infielder-turned-outfielder after the game.
"Luckily it could have been a lot worse. I was at the fringe of the sun and my instincts took over. It certainly wasn't planned."
Just how all the great ones do it.