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A Cubs reporter promised to jump into Lake Michigan if Ian Happ led off Opening Day with a dinger

Opening Day is a time of boundless possibility. Every team's in first place, every pitcher sports a 0.00 ERA and the prospect of 162 games ahead gives us the nagging sense that maybe, just maybe, anything can happen. 
A quick disclaimer, though: Make sure all that optimism doesn't go to your head. Because sometimes, that outlandish thing you've imagined might actually come true -- and honor will compel you to leap into a Great Lake in late March:

The above tweet was sent by Bleacher Nation Cubs reporter Michael Cerami at 12:34 p.m. ET -- just a few minutes before the Cubs and Marlins kicked off the 2018 season in Miami ... and Ian Happ went yard on the first pitch.

As you might imagine, Cerami wasn't thrilled:

But a man's word is his bond, and sure enough: We'll see him in Lake Michigan.

For those wondering, here's how cold the National Weather Service estimates the waters of Lake Michigan to be today:

At around 1:45 p.m. ET, he took the plunge -- in shorts and a T-shirt for good measure:

Someone please get that man a blanket.