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Ichiro once got a text from an unknown number that turned out to be Tom Brady

Everyone wants to be like Ichiro, even when they play wildly different sports. In a piece over at The Athletic (note: the full article is subscription-only), Peter Gammons reports that back in 2017, the future Hall of Famer received a text from an unknown number:

One morning in spring training, 2017, he was in the coaches' room looking at his cell phone text messages. Ichiro told the coaches about one message he had just received from a number he didn't recognize. The guy said he'd gotten Ichiro's number from Alex Rodriguez, and that he wanted to come meet him and study his stretching system.

"What's the guy's name?" asked one of the coaches.

Ichiro strolled to the end of the text. "Some guy named Tom Brady. Who the [expletive] is Tom Brady?"

Clearly Ichiro was busy doing things other than keeping up with Brady's career, like mastering Spanish. Here's Gammons again: 

After he won the MVP in the 2006 World Baseball Classic, I asked Ichiro: When he is inducted into the Hall of Fame, which language would he use for his speech? He answered politely, but off-camera he said, "Spanish. I swear better in that."

Ichiro's Spanish, indeed, is very clear, distinct. Marlins people will tell you he used the language to have a major impact on Marcell Ozuna and help him make his career leap forward in 2016 and 2017.

Hey, Tom: Perhaps the best way to get Ichiro to give you athletic advice is just to play on a team with him. Maybe you should text Tim Tebow next for some advice on how to get back into baseball