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The Marlins' seventh-inning blasts were led by none other than Ichiro Suzuki

If you heard a lot of noise coming out of Citizens Bank Park on Tuesday, the ruckus wasn't necessarily coming from the crowd. The Phillies fell to the Marlins,12-8, and the bats were unstoppable for Miami during the top of the seventh inning thanks to Giancarlo Stanton … and none other than Ichiro Suzuki.
Here's the most fascinating aspect of the inning: Suzuki's three-run blast traveled 432 feet, according to Statcast, which was farther than the homer hit by the Majors' current home run leader. Stanton's 46th homer of the season took a trip to the opposite side of the field for 346 feet … an 86-foot difference.

43-year-old Suzuki still has it, and with that being Stanton's 13th home run of the month (a Marlins franchise record) there is once again no stopping him.

As the inning continued, Marcell Ozuna hit a two-run shot off Jesen Therrien's offering, which extended the Marlins' lead to 9-4.
Needless to say, the Marlins' bats were doing plenty of talking Tuesday afternoon.