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In preparation for the World Series of Bowling, Mookie Betts has bowled every day this offseason

On Sunday night, Mookie Betts bowled a perfect game in the qualifying rounds for the World Series of Bowling. It wasn't the first 300 score of his bowling career, but this performance came on a pretty big stage.
It turns out that Betts' performance was the culmination of a rigorous offseason routine of bowling every single day. For some players, the offseason is a time to spend with family, go on vacation or play around with Twitter's increased character limit. For Betts, it means he has plenty of time to hit the lanes.
Although his overall performance in the qualifying rounds wasn't enough to make the cut for the World Championship, his diligent offseason commitment to his craft should continue to pay dividends as he plans to compete in the Chris Paul Celebrity Invitational in February.
With weeks of additional bowling under his belt, Betts should be more than ready to help his team improve on last year's loss in the finals.