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Four Indians fans went full 'Major League' to cheer on the Tribe in Anaheim

There was some excellent Major League talent in the stands to take in the Indians' 6-2 win over the Angels on Friday night. What, no, the Trout net didn't finally snatch up Mike Trout. Why would you think that? I'm sorry, we meant "Major League" talent:

OK, fine, that's not actually Pedro Cerrano, Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn, Roger Dorn and Lou Brown, the ragtag band of fictional Indians who led a worst-to-first turnaround and sacrificed some chickens in the classic 1989 movie. It's actually the Zupancic family from Parma, Ohio, and they have achieved Peak Fan status.
Each summer, the gang travels to each park the Indians play at, always in their "Major League" unis: That's dad Bill as manager Lou Brown, twins Liam and Logan as Vaughn and Dorn, respectively, and Jared as Cerrano. And before you get up in arms, don't worry, they left no character unrepresented -- Bill's wife, his daughter and her daughter's boyfriend cover Willie Mays Hays, Jake Taylor and even Jack Parkman from "Major League II."
Which is all well and good, but it leaves us with just one question: Who will be bold enough to go for the Wild Thing haircut?