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Something finally went wrong for the Indians: The sprinklers went off mid-game

A lot of things have gone right for Cleveland this season. Their offense has produced fireworks, their pitching staff has shut down the opposition and the bullpen has slammed the door on any potential rallies. Heading into Wednesday's game against the Tigersthey were working on a 20-game win streak.
But in the bottom of the fifth inning, something finally went wrong: The sprinklers went off. Whoops. 

Of course, given that the Tigers were in the outfield, perhaps this was simply another thing that went right. Perhaps the Tigers momentarily found themselves dreaming of a day at the waterpark, or wishing for a slip 'n slide nearby.
Cleveland managed to seal the victory, 5-3. And that's how a team wins 21 in a row: Even the things that go wrong, go right.