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A well-timed infield shift led to a 3-4-1 putout for the Rangers -- a master class in infield cohesion

What's one of the things we say over and over? Ah yes, that's right: Awareness on the baseball diamond is everything. It comes in handy all the time, as reflexes are often required in order to make plays on defense.
This point was driven home yet again by the Rangers in their 7-6 loss to the Blue Jays at Globe Life Park, thanks to an infield shift the club put on with Kendrys Morales at the plate in the second inning. He hit a smash toward first baseman Joey Gallo, but the ball ricocheted off his glove and into short right field.
Normally, this would result in Morales reaching base, but ... not so this time, thanks to Rougned Odor and Austin Bibens-Dirkx: 

Awareness, reflexes, and some pinpoint PFP on Bibens-Dirkx's behalf: A master class of infield cohesion, really.