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Please take a moment to listen to Marcus Stroman serenade Chris Colabello's dog

The stars of MLB have spent the winter going to extraordinary, tire-flipping lengths to get into shape for the upcoming season. But the question must be asked: What about their dogs? 162 games of traveling and chasing ballpark foodstuffs is pretty exhausting work for them too, after all -- who will make sure they're prepared for the grind of a long season?

Marcus Stroman, that's who. He even took time out of his workout on Friday to inspire Chris Colabello's dog, while introducing it to the finer points of dabbing:


That's just @mstrooo6 teaching Clutch some moves today #frenchiesofinstagram #theyreheat

A video posted by Chris Colabello (@cc20rake) on


Well, either that, or he was playing the world's cruelest game of "Stop hitting yourself!"