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The IronPigs and Grizzlies are asking the most important question: Are you Team Bacon or Taco?

It's not uncommon for a friendly wager to involve wearing the gear of the winner's favorite team. Friends and politicians do it all the time. But teams -- full baseball teams, at that? That's a little less common. 
That's what is at stake as the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the Minors' baconiest team, battle the Fresno Grizzlies, baseball's taco-capped club. After years of promotion rivalry, the two are taking their fight to fans everywhere as they ask: "Are you #TeamBacon or are you #TeamTaco?" (Sadly, for The Killers fans, there are no "Are you human or are you dancer?" questions.)
Fans can vote for their preferred foodstuff at until May 27. That day, the two clubs will wear their fighting food uniforms in separate games (they play in different Triple-A leagues). The loser will have to don the winner's fighting food cap for a game in June.  

It's a serious battle, with political signs in Fresno: 

The IronPigs have even unveiled bacon scented shirts. That's fighting deliciously: 

It's up to you -- yes, you -- to make your voice heard in this most important (food-related) election.