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Ivan De Jesus tried, with no success, to sell his walk on three pitches with a high arcing flip

Keeping track of the count -- while also preparing for what the pitcher is throwing and how the defense is lining up and, oh my god, did I leave the stove on? -- is difficult. It's one of the many reasons why umpires exist. 
In the bottom of the eighth of the Reds' 7-4 victory over the Cubs on Saturday, Iván De Jesús Jr. took ball three from Aroldis Chapman. He proceeded to get rid of his bat with a high arcing toss that was closer to a Steph Curry three-pointer than most baseball actions. Unfortunately for the Reds utilityman, despite how well he sold the idea of an earned walk, the men in blue were on top of things. 

It's not a bad gambit to try. After all, Chapman has struck out forty percent of batters he's faced this year. Fortunately for De Jesus, though, this time he would emerge successful. He drew one more ball to take first base -- on a 102-mph fastball, natch.