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Jackie Bradley Jr. robbed a homer with a slick, sideways leap that has to be seen to be believed

Hey, hitters: If you're trying to hit the ball over the fence with Jackie Bradley Jr. manning the outfield, good luck.
That's a lesson the Orioles' Chris Davis learned the hard way in Tuesday night's game with the Red Sox after he connected on pitch in the fifth inning. Davis' customary long swing sent the ball heading for a landing spot beyond the right-field fence -- or, that's what would have happened if JBJ didn't come gliding in with a leap to deny Davis of another dinger:

A truly mesmerizing image. Looks like Bradley's just hovering out there after lifting off, his eyes and glove tracking the ball the whole way. We've seen this sort of thing from him before, a few times this season

Maybe (some) humans actually can fly?
Tuesday's stellar grab ended up being pretty big for Boston, as the Red Sox prevailed, 1-0, in 10 innings.