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Who's the Mets' best-hitting pitcher? Jacob deGrom has some thoughts, and he shared them

The Mets currently employ one of the most formidable sluggers in the National League (and newly re-signed outfielder Yoenis Cespedes is OK, too). 

We're talking, of course, about Noah Syndergaard: part-time flamethrowing rotation ace, part-time dinger machine -- and sometimes, he does both in the same night

When grilled during a Q&A about who, in fact, is the Mets' most prolific offensively minded pitcher, Jacob deGrom credited Syndergaard (as seen atop this post) ... but not before name-dropping Bartolo Colon, who recently took his joyous presence and offensive force over to the Braves on a free-agent deal. 

It's hard to argue with deGrom's assessment of Thor's skills, considering: 


deGrom also spent some of the conversation discussing his own hair, and specifically why he chose not to cut it immediately after the 2015 World Series:

View deGrom's full Q&A session below, as originally streamed by the Mets on Facebook Live: