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Jake Lamb made a great catch on a foul popup and his momentum carried him into the stands

You expect to see many things in the stands at a baseball game. The hot dog vendor, for one. Perhaps a security guard or two. Lots of children. 
But what about a baseball player? That's an uncommon sight at the game, for sure. Every now and then it happens, sometimes creating great fan reactions, other times ending games. They're usually the result of a player running full-sprint over toward the seats pursuing a foul ball. This is precisely what happened to Jake Lamb in the D-backs' 4-0 win oer the Cardinals on Thursday night. Randal Grichuk's popup in sight, Lamb ranged far over from the third-base bag, made the catch ... and tumbled: 

"The fans did a good job of catching me," Lamb told's Steve Gilbert after the game. "They said, 'Nice catch.' They were nice."
Lamb's in the stands! You really do see something new every night at the park.